Theme and Tracks

As the conference theme for the 6th ICVEAST is “VOCATIONAL 5.0: Virtuosity Collaboration for Sustainability Development and Innovative Technologies Goals 5.0,” the organizers encourage submissions that approach this theme from various interdisciplinary perspectives. However, the submission of other topics for consideration is welcome.

Categories or clusters of articles for participants to present in the parallel sessions as well as for the keynotes and plenary speakers, are arranged into the following thematic tracks:

Track 1: Digital Healthcare & Smart Health Systems

Track 2: Smart Industry System

Track 3: Innovating for Social Change

Track 4: Innovation in Sustainability

Track 5: Technology in Engineering and Health

The sub-topics included in this track are:

  • Resilience & Reinvention – Overcoming hardships and challenges – Motivational Stories and Techniques
  • Embracing Change & Transformation – Breakthrough Innovation & Creativity, Leading Change, Reengagement
  • Strategy and Short-term Planning – Scenarios and Flexible Planning methods – Pre-Mortems
  • Near-Futurists & Futurists – Short-Term Trends & Consumer forecasters. Demographers
  • Digital Transformation – Web, 5G, AI, Big Data, Online Commerce, Online Sales, and Service Delivery
  • Risk Mitigation and Risk Management – Cybersecurity, supply chain security, risk strategy, and scenarios
  • Leadership in Turbulent Times – Leading a Hybrid Team, Courageous Leadership, CEOs that led in a recession
  • Mental Health and Wellness – Dealing with Stress, Meditation, Mindfulness, Holistic Health & Spirituality, Mental Health & Safety at Work
  • Hybrid Engagement Skills – Influencing and presenting to a hybrid audience – live in person and live online at the same time
  • Small Screen Stars – Visual Storytelling is HOT – Intimate Video presentations to your tribe – Clubhouse, Insta Stories, FB live
  • Women in Leadership – Pay Equality & Rights
  • Teamwork & WFH Performance Topics – Boosting Productivity & Culture with a Hybrid Workplace and WFH
  • Harmony & Belonging – Diversity, Inclusion & Gender Fluidity
  • Technology Updates – Social Media, Marketing Automation, Cybersecurity
  • Customer Experience CX – Human Experience (HX), Customer Focus & Customer Centricity
  • Entrepreneurism and Business Growth – Thriving in Turbulent Times
  • Marketing and Branding Topics – Video, Positioning, Automation, Texting
  • Digital Disruption – Augmented Humans, Superhumans, Humanicity, Blockchain
  • Productivity & WFH Work Methods Topics – Get things Done – Better Hybrid Meetings, Time Management
  • Global Topics – Financial/Risk/Economics Topics – China, Trade Wars, Climate, Economy Updates,
  • The technology of engineering and health – 3D printing, Are smart materials intelligent? Big Bang of Cosmology, Cellular radio on Inspec, Chemical sensors, Cloud computing and web services, Cognitive radio, Comets, and asteroids.