International Conference on Vocational Education Applied Science and Technology (ICVEAST), formerly known as International Conference on Vocation for Higher Education (ICVHE), is an annual event organized by the Vocational Education Program, Universitas Indonesia, that aims to encourage innovative applied research in vocational higher education. In 2022, we rebranded the conference to focus on being an international forum where scholars and practitioners share their ideas on vocational education, especially within applied science and technology. The rebranding from ICVHE to ICVEAST marks our fifth conference. This year, we present our sixth conference, with the theme, “VOCATIONAL 5.0: Virtuosity Collaboration for Sustainability Development and Innovative Technologies Goals 5.0”.

Collaboration for sustainability development is a crucial part of achieving a sustainable future. It involves working with stakeholders, such as governments, businesses, non-governmental organizations, and communities, to develop and implement sustainable solutions. These stakeholders can pool their resources, knowledge, and expertise by working together to create innovative solutions that benefit the environment and society. The collaboration also helps ensure that all stakeholders are on the same page regarding sustainability goals and objectives. By building relationships and trust between stakeholders, collaboration can help to create a more sustainable future.

Innovative Technology Goal 5.0 focuses on using technology to improve access to education and foster a culture of innovation and creativity. It seeks to create a more equitable and inclusive learning environment by providing access to digital tools and resources for all students, regardless of background or ability. It also seeks to promote technology to support the development of 21st-century skills, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration. Finally, it aims to ensure that technology is used to support the development of a safe and secure learning environment while encouraging responsible and ethical use.

VOCATIONAL 5.0 is a collaborative effort to promote sustainable development and innovative technology goals. It is designed to bring together experts from various fields, including business, education, government, and the non-profit sector, to identify and develop innovative solutions to global challenges. Through the use of data-driven decision-making and the application of new technologies, VOCATIONAL 5.0 seeks to create a more sustainable and equitable world. The initiative also aims to foster collaboration between stakeholders, create a platform for knowledge sharing, and promote the use of technology to drive social, economic, and environmental progress. By leveraging the collective expertise of its members, VOCATIONAL 5.0 is committed to achieving its sustainable development and innovative technology goals.

This ICVEAST aims to be a respected international forum to discuss the recent improvement and challenges in Vocational Education nowadays and in the future, from the research insight, mainly applied research in the field of administration and business, health science, social humanities, and engineering. The event will gather representatives from different countries, diverse areas of knowledge, and lots of education, research, public institutions, and organizations. The conference is devised as a space to exchange ideas and discuss the challenges that education and manufacturing face in preparing human capabilities to shift into the current trend of automation and the role of advanced technologies in those challenges. We intend to have an interactive conference through these three different sessions: business talks, keynote, and parallel/presentation sessions.